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Yardımcı olması için teknik bilgileri ekliyorum:

TWIST is a new concept battery powered tool (12V) for olives harvesting.
Designed and made 100% in Italy, this new system introduce a 'high performance oscillating motion' of the two flexible 'carbon feber' combs.
The particular 'oscillating' combs moving allow an optimal catch, avoiding damages on fruits and plant.
Light-weight, efficient and balanced in every harvest operation, TWIST fits a gear box head specifically designed to ensure the best possible penetration into the crown of the tree and fruits fall easily inside the plant area.
Electronics keeps oscillations constant and prevents overheating.
Extension pole (included) to get easily 3,5-4,5 mts picking high; no ladders needed, more safety for the operator. Powered by a commercial car battery (60A power battery allows a 2 days continuous job for single charge), TWIST is quite and environmentally friendly. TWIST is PCT patented and matches all CE certification required. Spare parts cost reduced allows maintenance 50% cheaper.

Standard Equipment

TWIST fully assembled, ready to use

20 mt. power cable, for use with standard power battery
0.26 mt. standing pole
1 mt. extension pole
Comb-bars changing tools
n° 2 comb-bars
Use & maintenance manual


Battery Backpack Kit :

ergonomic battery backpack
n° 2 battery pack 24 V, 1,70 mt. power cord
n° 2 battery charger 24 V

Technical Data

Length (with combs) 2,20 mt
Weight 2,2 Kg
Engine voltage 12 V
Power 130 W
Working voltage 11-13,5 V
Current abssorbition 2,5 Ah

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